Everything has a way of going horribly wrong for me. Well maybe the glass is just half full but I seem to miss out on an awful lot, especially when it comes to music. St. Germain snuck by on tour just as I was getting into it. I missed out on seeing Chem. Bros. in concert as well as at Big Day Out, and not being able to go to that BDO meant I also missed out on Jurassic 5, The Crystal Method and a whole host of others. A couple of days ago I discovered Ozomatli performed in Sydney about a week ago. Of course the biggest one was my all-time uber legend Moby. That one happened a few years ago though so maybe it doesn’t count.

But it does count because I’ve been waiting those few years while reading rave reviews about all his shows, not to mention the ‘Area’ concerts, to see him in concert. To make what’s left of a long story short I’ve secured myself a ticket to the show in March. Who knows what crazy schemes the powers that be will come up with to screw me over this time. Should be interesting.

Also on the list of just bought tickets is The Music. This one is in two weeks in Sydney and if you’ve heard tracks like ‘The People’ or ‘Take the long road and walk it’ (among others) you can just imagine how awesome this concert is going to be.
…for those of you who haven’t heard them it’ll still be an awesome concert, jackass. Yes I called you a jackass! JACKASS! *cough*jackass*cough*.

So yes, two good concerts coming up.

Oh, and on a sidenote you can actually download a couple of The Music’s tracks at their site. Go get Take the Long Road. Very worthwhile.