A collection of public domain titles and my own works, available in PDF. Most of the public domain books have been sourced from either Project Gutenberg or Wikisource. They have been edited, re-formatted and where possible the illustrations have been upscaled using AI. Where cover art was unavailable, generative AI was used to create an approximation.​

Breakfasts and Teas. Novel Suggestions for Social Occasions – Paul Pierce. 1907.

“Breakfasts and Teas – Novel Suggestions for Social Occasions” is a menu and ideas book for themed breakfasts and tea parties. The book is a collection of recipes and suggestions for hosting social events, in the fashion of the time.

Cooking for Gamers – A Primer – Samuel McKeon. 2014.

Whether you are a casual or hardcore gamer, you will find recipes that suit your taste and skill level. From quick snacks and drinks to hearty dishes and desserts, this book has it all. You will also learn tips and tricks on how to save time, money and energy in the kitchen.

Dishes & Beverages of the Old South – Martha McCulloch-Williams – 1913.

This book is written in a narrative style, which was a unique approach at the time. It’s a romantic view of Southern foods and life written by a dedicated Tennessean. Despite “being a strict and ardent advocate of temperance” she includes alcoholic ingredients “where good cooking demands them”.

Do Androids Dream of Dinner – Samuel McKeon – 2023.

This book contains recipes that have been generated by ChatGPT. They have been reviewed, tested and left unaltered. From salads to sandwiches, mains to dips, “Do Androids Dream of Dinner?” gives you an opportunity to participate in the brave new world of AI generated food content.