We had the opportunity to take a week off and decided to head to Broulee prior to the Easter and school holiday rush. I hadn’t been down there for quite some time and I’m not sure I’d ever been there apart from during a school holiday. We went mid-week to maximise the chance of a quiet few days. And that’s exactly what we got. Apart from the fine weather the water was still at summer-level warmth and the entire place was essentially deserted. I’ve never seen the beach that empty before. Apart from the locals I don’t think there would have been more than a handful of people from out of town.

Annette’s Parade has garnered some attention recently as some of the houses have started selling for millions of dollars. There’s a lot of new money and a lot of construction going on and not everyone’s happy about it. I suppose it’s kind of like the gentrification of Byron Bay that’s been going on for a while. There are pros and cons, I think. Some of the changes are, in my opinion, a good thing. For example, the Broulee Brewhouse which is situated on Coronation Drive. Very handy indeed. I only became aware of the place a few weeks ago when I saw some on tap at Herbert’s.

I managed to get a decent amount of surf side footage, ran a livestream overnight and cooked on an induction cooktop for the first time. It allayed some of my fears and I’m pretty much sold. I also came across this weird little potato masher that looked like a gimmicky kitchen gizmo but turned out to work incredibly well. I ordered one for myself.

And as we left we could see the columns of cars starting to pour into the area like a bunch of fools, we knew we’d made the right decision! And one we’ll make again.