Jim Clark from Jim Clark Art was ready to kick off another Monkey Island Ambience video, so away we went. He’d illustrated the main scene a while ago, so it was all about retrofitting animations into the product. He used an oldschool lightbox for some of it, which was cool. My hand was forced and I whipped up a few Manhattans for the explicit purposes of foley work. When Blondebeard takes a sip, sometimes you’ll hear the icecubes in the glass. It’s tough being an audio designer, I have to say. We decided to use the existing music tracks from the area, so most of my time was spent mashing waves-on-sand and other beachside sounds together. Freesound.org was invaluable for this process since I don’t live near the ocean. I’ll upload some of my isolated sound effects there since I can’t be the only one who needs the sound of cocktails being mixed. There are quite a few Easter eggs in this release, and we’re pleased with how it came together. So grab your nice fluffy towels, membership card and head down to the Brimstone Beach Club on Plunder Island!