I’d had it in my mind for quite a while now that I’d like to do a shire / hobbiton themed entry into Games Workshop’s Armies on Parade. Last year I managed to land first place in the “Scenic Board” category with my Shadespire build, and first place the year before that with my Gorechosen build. I wouldn’t mind making it a hattrick. The most appealing thing for me in “the hobby” as the GW people call it, has always been the terrain. In anticipation of putting together a comprehensive shire scene I have practiced the techniques i’ll need on a variety of pieces over the past 24 months and it’s come time to put it all together. I find making a scene or diorama nearly analogous to cooking; you’ve got a set of raw ingredients that, by themselves, don’t amount to all that much. During preparation and then cooking it doesn’t necessarily look good. But with a bit of experience and confidence, you know that the end result is more than the sum of its parts. Case in point:

So it doesn’t look like much yet. But it will. I’ve also been shooting some video of the process with a view to publish a start-to-finish clip once it’s all done. Stay tuned.