In the garden this year, for the most part, are the usual suspects. Tomatoes, beans, peas and corn are the big ticket items. But there’s also a few chili plants, broccoli, radishes and spring onions to round it all out. I’ve never gone all-in with starting from seed before but this year a mass sowing has yielded enough healthy plants to fill the available space completely. Shelley has been an instrumental part in this – having two people working the land is much, much easier than going it alone. Apart from the seedlings she’s also taken great interest in pruning the random shrub that has sprung up next to the garage, which is now neat and rectangular. Its future may be more circular but that depends on the topiarist’s mood at the time the clippers come out.

Out of all the woody herbs I’ve planted the sage continues to outperform the rest. The adjacent oregano has, now that we’ve got warmer weather, bounced back from its winter lethargy. The rosemary bush continues to form a chicken barrier while simultaniously functioning as a cat portal. The system works, as they say. Apart from all that the raspberry canes are showing great promise and the rogue strawberries under the deck have started ripening.

There’s no doubt that spring is here!