As Trump announced the continuation of America’s failed approach in Afghanistan, Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater and one of the worlds most pathetic excuses for a human, whinged and whined as he saw the dollars slipping out of his slimy hands. While America’s presence in the region will cost innocent lives and waste money, at least that money won’t be going into the pockets of the cowards that are Blackwater and their ilk. 

Marching into countries half a world away with their big guns and over inflated sense of self importance, these people have been responsible for murder, atrocity and capitalising on the misery of innocent people for too long. Incapable of developing a masculine identity strong enough for their liking at home, they don their pseudo military gear, head over seas and hold one hand out for money while the other holds a gun.

For a few months there was talk bubbling away in Washington and within the networks used by “private military contractors” that the Pentagon may defer the bulk of the “work” in its middle eastern messes to companies like Blackwater. This abhorrent idea, if it came to be, would be judged in our history books as a great stain on what remains of America’s moral fabric.

Fortunately, the bottom-feeders have missed out. While the decision to send a small addition to America’s fighting force is of course going to make little difference to the bigger picture, except to perpetuate the pain and misery in the region, at least their military has the courage to stand up for their mission and will return home to face the consequences be they good or bad. Mercenaries will run with their tails between their legs if necessary, depending on the paycheque. And that’s why we celebrate the absence of them. Long may it continue.