So there’s a guy called Dragol who sometimes has something to say. Generally he does this by yabbering away in his clan’s TeamSpeak channel. That necessarily means that his audience is limited. And maybe some of those who hear his message aren’t appreciative of it. The solution, I realised, was to give him a proper platform from which to communicate to the world. And what could be a better platform for that than Nothing.

This blog has had guest contributors in the past. But it doesn’t happen often. Sometimes it doesn’t last for long, either. That just illustrates the transient, even mystical, element of the place.

With his seemingly inherent ability to understand “the meta” of video games, if the topic interests you, you should probably read his posts. While not eclusively focused on the vidiya game, there’s a good chance his content will give you some clarity in this noisy, often confusing industry. Also, we’re confident that the quality of the journalism will rival that of places like Kotaku and Gizmodo. We don’t have a rating system in place at this stage but it all should be pretty clear.

Let the games begin!