I was reading about the debate that occurred at the time Australia was trying to evidence what to call its new decimal currency. It’s all very interesting. But the takeaway point, for me anyway, is that even something so inconsequential, so long ago, still was devise even enough to cause death threats. Nowadays we think about the Internet as an unparalleled public forum but one oftentimes allows for downright outrageous behaviour. But it’s not the Internet itself that affords people this luxury. It’s the anonymity. When you can’t be identified, that’s when the cowards come out to play. That more than one person felt so strongly enough about the naming of the Australian dollar that they would threate to kill the Prime Minister says something about people, not technology. There are genuinely people who are so boring and have so little in the way of compelling personality that beginning like s seems a good idea to them. And why wouldn’t e got nothing else to make themselves feel important.

Read about how the Australian dollar was almost ‘the Royal’ and now a number of Australians were wankers about it: