Well, it had to happen at some stage. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been writing a cookbook and now I’m proud to say that it’s done. It took a lot longer than expected – maybe longer than it should have, some have suggested. Regardless, et fini. This is what the Silicone Valley types would call a “passion project”. I’m not in it for the money, only to keep myself occupied in a creative space. That said, I love games, cooking and writing, and that’s combined incredibly well with Frez’s art and photography. I’ve learned a lot more than I expected to – apart from what it means to put words into a print-ready format, cookbooks are strange literary beasts and it’s  hard to pin down the conventions (I’m still not sure there are any). With plenty of inspiration out there, such as Gourmet Gaming and The Wooden Spoons, I’m grateful to know of gourmands and I’m proud to submit my work to this space.

We’ve been tweeting away @cooking4gamers and enjoying the conversations that have already come up, so feel free to join in!

Cooking for Gamers: A Primer will be available on February 1st 2015 as PDF and ePub at www.cookingforgamers.com.