Well, if you like Boards of Canada you’ll probably already know by now there’s a curious trickle of new material appearing. Mysterious vinyl with unexplained number sequences has been discovered at record stores, snippets have made their way onto radio waves, strange images projected onto a shop window, white sound on SoundCloud and subtle changes to web pages all point to a new album. It’s been seven years and many said The Campfire Headphase was the end of it. Others weren’t so sure. Of course it was hard to tell, since these guys tend to say less than Daft Punk. Whatever the case may be, twoism is totally freaking out.

Boards of Canada do a lot of math in music which is a problem for me since i’m not very good at maths, even when it’s set to music. It sounds good, though! I actually quite like geometry and am entertained when considering mathematical concepts. I just never was very good at it but after reading Maddox’s post “Math doesn’t suck, you do.” I know that I’ll have to do something about it. At some stage. The point is I’m going to be no help decoding whatever this damn band is up to. But since I’m sure there are many minds greater than mine working on the problem as I write this, I’m not too worried. We’ll all find out soon it seems.