We have an old 45 that has on it Prince’s work that was rereleased for Tim Burton’s Batman. I used to listen to it as a kid. Didn’t like it all that much, really. Born in 1985 I missed out on the Prince thing and have always wondered how exactly he became associated with the Batman franchise. It turns out that originally it was envisioned that Michael Jackson and George Michael would work with Prince on tracks to be composed for the movie. MJ dropped out early on and legal complications with George Michael’s record label saw him miss the gig. Apparently Prince got so into the movie that he went off and scored the whole thing by himself. Unsurprisingly it was never used. Instead we ended up with Danny Elfman’s score and we’re all better off for it. That’s a movie music trivia fact.

Another fact that exciting news has emerged that James Blake is on tour and performing in Australia. Thanks to James’s eagle eye while leafing through BMA we have tickets to the July 30 show at The Metro. This kid has emerged fast and he was an act I had on my list of “would love to see, but am unlikely to anytime soon” performers. He’s done some remarkable work and while Lisa informs me that he’s now well known in the UK, I’d still say this is a bit of an underground sound. Get in while you still can because you’d be silly to miss it!