I don’t know when deciding to go back to the pool during the colder months of the year was a good idea. It may never have been, but I’m glad I had it. Heading back to the AIS made me realise how many hours I’d spent there in the past. Despite the time elapsed the facility is in good condition, better than what it was before maybe although a lot of the differences seem to be cosmetic. It’s fairly quiet on a Sunday afternoon. Turns out I can still swim, which was reassuring.

There’s something about water i’ve always found comforting. There’s a predictable nature to it even if it is about to dump you on the beach. Swimming, next to Tae Kwon Do, has been the sport I’ve spent the most time involved with. That was long ago, though. So it was a happy moment to find familiarity on the weekend.

Moving your head through water creates such a loud sound. I realise now that this may have been an attraction to the activity in the first place. My favourite effect is reverb and an indoor pool is perfect for it. Even with only a few people swimming, there’s so much going on; the mechanical sounds of metal doors closing, dividers being moved, pool lanes being dragged in across the wet tiles combined with the human sounds of voices echoing, shouts, mixed in with the sound of water. And it never stops. It’s an environment I like.

It stands a chance of once again becoming a regular activity!