Following on from the Carl Sagan’s Ghost entry, Small Things on Sundays’ “Recall” comes in at number #8 on the Audio Gourmet Top 10 of 2010 chart. Three floating tracks that are thoughtful and on their way to dark. ‘Floating in Space’ keeps you grounded with a minimal beat. ‘I Know You Now the Dinosaurs Calling’ makes you think of an ice-age and cold caverns. The Crow Warns You Should Not Be Here is almost exactly how you’d expect a song by that title to sound.

The group (a duet from Denmark) have been around for some time now and rarely disappoint. Again, this release is only 15 minutes long so it’s accessible. Definitely give it a shot if you were after something darker, but not sinister, to listen to! You can get the full thing for free from the Audio Gourmet site by following this link. Check out Small Things on Sunday’s official site here.

Recalling Cover Art

Small Things on Sundays – Recalling