Hooray! I woke up this morning, did some catching up at filmtracks.com, ended up at http://www.burtonelfman.com where I promptly spent the $500 required to secure one of the one thousand music boxes to be released in December.

Can I get a GEEEEEEZ!!? 16 CDs (all of Elfman’s Burton scores re-mastered, with a huge amount of unreleased material), a DVD, 250 page hardcover book + things.

“A major, previously unheard rarity is the discovery of demos of Danny Elfman’s unused score for the¬†Edward Scissorhands Ballet.” You probably don’t care about what this means, but let me assure you it’s significant; The Grand Finale in Scissorhands has impacted notions of modern cinematic music since its release over twenty years ago. It’s up there with Zimmer’s Roll Tide in terms of importance and now we’re (well, me) about to hear a recording that should cast further light on how Elfman’s idea was developed.

There is so much here, music composed just for the box for example, that I could gush for ages. But I wont, since the official site says it better. I’ve always wanted a box like curiosity that does something interesting and plays music.. Elfman’s composed a tune just for this, that I assume will play when I open it. Awesome.¬†Looking forwards to December!