I started writing this post by saying “The movie debates continue at Elroy Online” and then had to double take. He’s got a list of the “Top 5 Time Trips” posted and open to comment. Two of the top five time trips (of all time?) are books apparently! Neither of which I have read, both of which I will. I recall driving away from the Melbourne Exhibition Centre after eGames complaining to Insane Gazeebo about the lack of interest in literature a lot of gamers hold. He sympathised and then we discovered we had quite similar tastes in fiction. The real problem is books are long and can be quite complicated, and don’t necessarily fit properly into this medium (antithetical to this kind of writing, really) . Still I can’t help but feel there was some merit to my idea of using book packs as prizes for gamers. Anyway the point is Back To The Future Wins. Who comes next?