So there’s a robot party on tomorrow night at Smashrine HQ. After thinking my costume was going to involve many metres of foil, I had a flash of inspiration and am taking a slightly more esoteric approach to the evening. After a recent conversation about William Gibson’s Neuromancer with Insane Gazebo, I decided that I’d get all voodoo on the night and go as Legba, Lord of The Crossroads. It’s going to involve neckaces made of old computer parts, a staff lined with network cable and feathers, beads and other voodoo-ey bits and peices. While doing some reasearch, looking for Legba’s veve, I stumbled across a fantastic article. All to do with cyberpunk and society, well written and insightful. I recommend it to anyone who understood the preceeding stentence;

Haitian Voudoun and the Matrix
The Ghost in the Machine

There’ll no doubt be photos from the night making their way here soon…