Well you would expect a tech convention to be absolutely saturated with Internet connections, but actually it’s taken me quite some time to get online. In addition to this, for some reason my card reader isn’t reading cards, so the photos are a bit light on at this stage. Apart from that I’ve been very busy at the elroyonline booth, the OLPC XOs stealing the show. A lot of people are initially attracted by the form factor, haven’t necessarily heard of “The OLPC project” before, but most have heard of “the $100 laptop” (a tagline OLPC Inc. has abandoned). Apparently it’s all a ruse – but if the starving kids in Rwanda knew they were helping Elroy develop a spam list, they’d rest easier no doubt.

I managed to get a small amount of playtime yesterday as the Expo was packed. Red Alert 3 has some chop, and the Quantum of Solace demo was fun. I’ve been watching Wii Music on the Nintendo stage and, not content to go on the word of so many others, I may line up and see if it holds some hidden gems. 

Last night I managed to seriously hurt my little toe which has now become an interesting shade of yellow. That’s going to complicate the whole walk-around-and-do-things-at-the-expo thing, which hasn’t put me in the best of moods. Still, I have a chair with wheels on it, so as long as people clear a path, i’ll wheelie-bowly my way around. Or just sit at the EOL booth.

Friday was big, Saturday was big and today promises to be bigger. If you’re in the area, make sure to come down to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. I aim to have some sort of media up today, as long as I can find working peripherals.