The Pacific Magazine is currently running a story on the conflict between The Cook Islands Education Ministry and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community and how that could delay or even halt an OLPC XO trial in the country.

“Cook Islands Secretary for Education John Herrmann said he put the project on hold since his ministry was never consulted by SPC [in regards to a trial], and he wanted an assessment on the sustainability and viability of the project.” (Source)

The SPC is, according to its website,

“an international organisation that provides technical assistance, policy advice, training and research services to 22 Pacific Island countries and territories in areas such as health, human development, agriculture, forestry and fisheries.” (Source)

When questioned, “Ian Thomson of the SPC told Pacific Magazine yesterday that the key issue in selecting a pilot school was to determine if the principal, staff and school community, were ready and able to run a successful pilot. The SPC had identified a school in the outer islands to trial the project on a piloting basis…[they will] wait a ‘reasonable’ time for the Cook Islands government to make up its mind. However, if another country comes along and requests more laptops, we would seriously consider allocating them to countries that will make good use of them,” said Thompson.”(Source)