Clive Longbottom at suggests a list of things you don’t want to assume when working on something like the One Laptop per Child project. Literacy, competency and connectivity are three things you need, that’s for sure. And, quite rightly, he suggests that content is king.

The nature of the beast is that content has to come after the device, and the OLPC project is mature enough to focus on that now, I feel. As i write this I get a ping about the Wologna Traditional Dance. Didn’t know much about it until right now, but I know that the OLPC Etheopia Cultural Content pack that has just been released is going to explain it to me. And I know that, at a time where indigenous knowledge is disappearing, this is just the kind of content we need to be creating. If we can blend learning traditional knowledge with learning technology, ancient tradition can be secured and shared, while empowering those who are recording it. Cool.