has been off the air during the time I’ve had the opportunity to play around with OLPC Inc’ XO laptop, and I intend to make up for lost time by providing good OLPC related resources here. There’s plenty to say, but I’ll just start with some links to some bits and pieces I’ve come across recently.

If you’re interested in the recent OLPC initiatives in the Pacific region, from an Australian perspective you most definitely want to check out Pia Waugh’s recent post on her time in Niue where she helped with an XO rollout. If you’re interested in anything OLPC Australia specific, you should most definitely bookmark her blog!

Pia, OLPC and Openness advocate, has also recently published “Foundations of Openness“, a paper that attempts to provide what I guess you’d call an integrity assessment tool for anyone developing resources under the open source philosophy. It’s an interesting read and is directly relevant to core ideas behind the OLPC project.

Also, a decent short article looking at the OLPC through American eyes has just popped up here. It’s worth a read too. Stay tuned for plenty more OLPC XO news!