This is the kind of thing Chris Hollyworries about. Where do you draw the line between what happened and what you can show to have happened? What happens when a file format becomes so dated that it is no longer compatible, irreplaceable data forever locked away? What happens when you want to make those special moments just that little bit more special…?

GRAARHHH! THE BOGEY MAN! Or something. I don’t know, I was drunk. It kind of ruins the shot, doesn’t it? But what happens when you remove the elements that weren’t supposed to be there in the first place? Just hot women. Observe:

Preferable. If you follow this through to it’s logical conclusion, we should be removing, or at least censoring every ugly mug to be rendered by pixel. Impractical perhaps, so what can be done? Warnings before every TV show?

And to that end I advocate an addition to the current films rating standard, something that could be applied to any dose of concentrated testosterone, SWAT or Prison Break perhaps:

I’m not going to the movies until some authoritative body considers my suggestions!