I’ve always been somewhat enchanted by nature and wildlife. Of course that all changed yesterday when a family of overweight possums took time off from rampaging around my roof to serenade me with what I’m sure would be music to a possum’s ears.
However to my ears it sounded like a series of two-stroke engines that just wouldn’t start. Not exactly the calming noises that one desires at 3 o’clock in the morning. No siree.

But I did find a way around it. The ol’ ‘pillow over the head’ trick worked a charm. It works in two ways:
i) smothered ears muffles noises
ii) smothered face prevents breathing

thus ensuring a quick passage into sleep with only slight brain damage. But hey, if you do happen to kill off a bit of gray matter you’ll be perfectly qualified to come and write for buzzmoo.com.