What’s the most scary thing you can find in your room at midnight? Is it

a) Lee Huntsman, Ph.D Professor, Provost, University of Washington
b) Stan Huntsman, Ex-USA track coach
c) This delicious French Huntsman cheese
d) Jerry Huntsman, Some old footballer or something
e) A fat huntsman spider

I put it to you that finding any of these in your room at midnight would be quite an ordeal. Actually I think finding a fat 100 year old Texan track coach in your bedroom would be the most frightening but I’ll have to settle for a fat huntsman spider. I just went in there and as I turned to walk out I saw it, perched on the wall above my bed. Now usually if there’s a spider in my house I’ll take it outside or something but a fat huntsman is too much. And by now it has probably moved from its position so when I go back I’ll have no idea where it is. So you can see my dilemma. I’ll just have to never sleep in that room again.
Hopefully the spare room is only occupied by a block of french cheese.