Now monitoring and updating the OzForces sites/forums and checking out the servers takes a few hours of non stop work, it’s actually work! But this relativley quiet day is punctuated by a hilarious conversation i just had. Well, it’s not really a conversation, and some of you might not even find it funny. But i’ll post it anyway.

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Dr0ne: mannnn my dog is running around with a ducks head in its mouth 😐

yesterday one of my dogs got a duck, and went and buried it under a pile of ash, then walked off… dad was out there and a minute later saw the ducks head pop up out of the ash, it got up and waddled off

then my dog came back and ripped its head off.. :/
now my other dog is walking around the back yard with a ducks head in its mouth (molly isnt allowed out of the back yard see) so i guess jessie must have given it to her as a present hahah

my mum told my brothers to go check if the duck was still alive, and they are like “nah its dead”

then dad sees its head come up outta the ash hahah

I’m done.