I’m really really stupid. I get so mixed up I do stupid things and then get confused and then confuse others. So what have I done latley? Well today was a big in-class essay for one of my english classes…but i’v been so overloaded with compiling, editing and designing the school magazine (due 2 weeks ago) that i completley forgot my notes, books and drafts. I missed my GIS meeting because i thought it was tomorrow (Mert wasn’t too happy about that). I’m not on a table for our Yr12 formal, i got dumped by my date and then for some very stupid reason knocked back a great offer from someone else. What am i doing?!?

Now I have no idea what i want in general. I’m literally waking up and taking that day on without thinking about the next one, i can’t handle it. And then i fall asleep for an hour and have 10billion and five completley insane and graphic dreams which just make me feel sad, but also angry. I leave the house unlocked at night by accident, have trouble keeping a straight line of thought. And now my grandma is really sick, so mum has gone to Birsbane and thats bad because i’m completley helpless. I really have no idea what i’m doing, but everything i say and do, i regret.

Note to everyone: don’t listen to anything i say from now on.

Damn it all, it makes me want to scream or something. Someone help!!