Here in the BuzzMoo studio we’ve been trying to work out a story that no one has told before – all we came up with was a mixture of about 5 stories everyone has told before. Still, it’s a bit different. I realise now i haven’t actually explained what im talk about – an online “Graphic Novel “(aka Comic) like those ones you see on the big sites (that get alot of hits). Well i’v decided to spin one of my own and see how it goes. Hopefully another photoshoot happens this weekend with our wonderful assistant Rikki, who has what it takes to be a foreground character! (She gets a big knife!)

Anyway, i got bored and made a little preview (1 meg, flash) that shows basically nothing at all – but (should) build up tension or, at the very least, mild curiosity.

On the topic of comics, Simey from TFM has (once again) combined his amazing artistic talent with the writing skills of Elroy to create a hilarious comic strip that won’t be funny to anyone but me (you know…those injokes that everyone hates). I figure you can afford to waste a few more bytes, so why not click it?

While you’re wasting bytes, be sure to check out EOL and grab Elroy’s fantastic wallpaper.

I’ll wrap up my plugging session by saying “Join OzForces Internet” superior speed, services and power windows.