The new term has started and it promises to be a killer. My classes (aside from the HTML Basics class) seem to be stacked in the “Alot of work, right now.” pile. Bad news, really. Also, as soon as school kicks in so does OzForces. So, now with two rather large items on my plate i grab another one, which is, of course, developing an Anti-Terrorisim plan for the ACT. I’m not alone however, Mert, Cass and I shall be stocking up on all the data we can in preperation for the worst. The project (AURISA’s “GIS In Schools” Competition) see’s students utilise a spatial information system in order to solve a problem (ours being bombs and whatnot). Using satellite, demo and geographic data. This probably warrents a page in the “Projects” area…. i’ll have my people look into it.

While i should have been doing other things, i decided to remix some music and ended up with a slightly different version of The Prodigy’s “One Man Army”. It’s up on the servers so grab itand see what you think.

Finally we’ve received a communication from Elroy informing us of the dire situation Turbo, everyone’s favourite hermit crab, is in. Things aren’t looking too good. Be sure to visit and pay your respects. Remember, every hit to EOL makes him a little bit better.