There were alot of additional features to add to this before we put it up (like everything), but then i got bored and impatient and put it up anyway. For the 8.7 of you who will read this today, i’m sure it won’t affect your amazing BuzzMoo Experience in any way shape or form.

First off, i’d like to thank Microsoft for it’s state-of-the-art anti-spam fiters it provides with hotmail. Not that i use hotmail, mind you. But if i did, i’d be forced to deal with John63264 and Britneysex, just to name a few. They’ve taken a great liking to me over the past months.

Megatokyo has, in my humble opinion, taken a bit of a turn for the worse (humour wise). Certainly it is no longer the humourus g33k webcomic it used to be. The one that lured people into buying $75 long sleeve tshirts because they liked it so much. It’s almost like bying a Moby jumper thats one size too small. I don’t intend to belittle Fred and Rodney’s work. By no means. I’m just saying that its certainly not what it used to be. The computer humour has been replaced with embarrasing situations with hot females – something we could all do with less of.

As we progress further into the development of of a new range of entertainment here, the “BuzzMoo Collective”, as it is, keeps on keeping on. King Mat and everybody’s favourite Rae chanhave now settled into BuzzMoodom.

Also, OzForces (G.I.S.P) has finally gone live! Go there now and sign up and get cheap internet. And games. Play games too.

Elroy has decided to once again grace the ‘net with his presence – he mentioned something about a server outage which, of course, comes as no surprise – the EON servers are as stable as a melting plate of jelly.