It’s likley you have seen a .NET logo or graphic floating around out there in cyberspace, or seen something written about it. If you haven’t then this dosen’t apply to you (it dosen’t apply to you anyway..)

.NET. A lot of..something. What exactly? We see it on Hotmail, MSN, Zone, all things Microsoft and some things not (say, Brinkster). It’s a label we have seen slowley introduced onto the net but we all have no idea what it is. I’m here to fill you in.

Microsoft is a big company. It has a huge amount of employees a huge amount of departments and a huge amount of subsiduaries. Now, each of these enteties have been told that Microsoft is “taking a step foward” and will “accelerate the distribution of mobile computing” as well as “provide worldwide connectivity”. Exellent! Sounds good to me. The only problem is, it’s hard to find specifics.

Did anyone ever see “The Cube”? Well if you have, it will certainly explain .NET.

I turned to Dr. Chris to see what he had to say on the matter.

like in The Cube, how they say whoever created it didnt know they were.. like departments did tiny peices of it and there were thousands of peices but no department had any idea what they were working on or that anyone else was working on it either and then it turned into a big cube that killed people….so really, .NET could be pretty dangerous.

the virtual cube of today.. where do you want to go today? oh no where far, you’re stuck in a cube.

Then he told me he didn’t really care and thats pretty much where it ended. So now you know all about .NET and how it will affect you in the years to come.