Last growing season I left the fields to fallow. It was an important thing to do but i certainly missed the home grown produce. Since that time Annabel Eggsworthy and Yolko Ohno have established themselves as a fixture of the back yard, and their fertiliser has gone a long way to replenishing the garden beds.

This year I’m growing some classics and attempting some cucurbit cultivation:

Tomatoes (2 x classic 2 x Black Russian, 2 x cherry toms)
Lettuce (from seed)
Carrots (heirloom, purple dragon as well as classic dutch)
Radish (red sparklers)

And I now have well established sage, oregano, rosemary and chives.
On the fruit front my apple tree seems to be doing what it should after a severe pruning at the end of last summer, and my blackberry cuttings have gone “gangbusters” as the saying goes. My strawberries are also bearing fruit and have spread quite a distance from where I first planted them. Overall things are looking good!