I noticed Yolko behaving strangely yesterday morning. She seemed to be standing watch over the coop, not straying too far from the door. Annabel was nowhere to be seen. So, I hoped the time had come and it certainly had! Moments later Annabel jumped from the door and resumed her usual pecking-random-things lifestyle. Yolko seemed satisfied with that and went back to doing the same.

I went to investigate. Using the convenient egg-door, I came upon this:

Victory! Within an hour, there was a second. I think – but can’t confirm – that this was an Annabel effort, too. Yolko, inspired or maybe because of fomo, attempted an egg herself but didn’t seem ready. It was a poorly formed bag of yolk!

At this stage I can only assume things will kick into production in earnest. My egg requirements are now taken care of indefinitely.