You’ve seen The Matrix, right?” A common question, one asked by most and answered by all. Since it’s debut in 1999, the Wachowski brother’s blockbuster tech-noir film has had most people raving ever since.

The accolade is not undue – a revitalised story with a good cast, amazing effects and ‘bullet time’ brought a new standard to Hollywood cinema. The movie itself didn’t only appeal to the younger generation, the sub cultures and the downright nerdy. Somehow it reached out and touched most of the public, so that ‘The Matrix’ was a household name and a family movie.

I’m a fan of the first film, the genre and explosions, so I found myself at the cinemas at 9pm tonight in a line to see what has been coined “The hottest movie of 2003”. It turns out that is not far from the truth, and whileReloaded doesn’t score a ten-out-of-ten with me, they sure did blow a lot of stuff up….