Still catchign up with the blogsphere, I needed to mention that I caught up with Morgs for the very first time at eGames, which was great. I wasn’t sure if he was coming or not, but when some guy showed up bearing a startling resemblance to the Morgs from TFM Comix, I knew we had our man. On the day we had a chance to review “Barbarians: 2019”, a cinematic masterpiece. Google it if you want. Since returning home he’s reviewed Guns & Roses’s new effort, Chinese Democracy, and he’s got something to say about Red Alert 3, too, over at his blog. I managed to play a very short game of RA3 while at eGames and enjoyed it a lot, unfortunatelly missing the cut scenes Morgs is referring to.

We had an appearance from iBrett as well, who actually took to MCing on the Intel Stage, handing out flyers and makig the hard sell. I’d link to his blog but it hasn’t been updated in months. Had he not shown up at eGames, you might have thought he was dead! Good to know he’s not..