It’s kind of weird when you talk to a movie buff over a long period of time. They’re hard to excite, for one. It takes serious cinematographic skill to win over the most critical of the critics. So when Elroy talks about a movie for the good part of an hour non-stop, you’re assured it’s absolutely great. Or, absolutely terrible. And we’re not talking Clone Wars terrible here, rather something akin to Plan 9 From Outer Space. Of course, when you review B-grade sci-fi you’ve got to go a little easy on the producers…tiny budgets, B-list actors, tecnical limitations imposed by the genre.. on the other hand, I’ve seen Equilibrium.

So if you’re after something truly terrible, check out Contamination at EOL. And if you’ve seen it (or plan to), make sure you let Elroy know – there’s common ground here!