There are over 10 gig of free audio samples available for XO users and OLPC enthusiasts on the OLPC Wiki. That’s a lot of audio. According to the top of the page, just added are “Loops, Grooves, Licks, Stings, Hits, Pads, Melodic Motives/Themes/Phrases, Sound-Effects, City and Country Soundscapes, Motors, Machines, Toys, Guns, Explosions, Swords, Armor, Cars, Jets, Pot & Pans, Acoustic and Synthetic Noises, Acoustic and Electronic Drums, Voices, Western and World Instruments, Real and Human Animals, Industrial and Natural Ambiences, Film and Game Foley”, all donated by Dr. Richard Boulanger. Other contributers to this massive open source undertaking include Open Path Music and The Berklee College of Music to name a new.

If you want an example of these samples in action, and if you like progressive electronic/ambient/industrial, make sure to download The Face of Human Error OLPC EP from It’s a gem, created entirely with the samples mentioned below. I don’t know if it was made on an XO, though. Naturally that’s a plan of mine..I wonder if it still counts if i connect a mouse..

I’ve added a link to this to the XO Resource Page.