Today would go on the charts as one of the most random days i’ve had in a while. This year, at least. I was sent to Fyshwick to a government auction. Only problem was that the agency didn’t actually operate there any more, but i wasn’t told (but ended up being blamed). More OzForces stuff, it’s good.

Then i was bored and found nothing exiting, anywhere, ever. There is nothing and no one exiting that i can find, do or see, no adrenaline, no nothing. So we decided to go to the Canberra Times press at about 1am and get today’s newspaper which has the University selection notices in it. I’m very happy to say that i gained entry into the Bachelor of Arts / International Relations course at the Australian National University. We went from Fyshwick to Black Mountain Tower to read the newspaper because we thought that such randomness might invoke some thrill. It really didn’t. Neither did going to Gull (24/7 Service Station) and buying a hotdog (believe it or not). The only thing that came close to semi interesting was when two girls walked into the store wearing boxer shorts and PJ tops.

So apart from the momentary thrill of being accepted into uni, i feel like a dulled blade.