Probably the head gasket

I’ve been thinking about the popular saying “This is the last thing I need right now”. In relation to my car breaking down yesterday afternoon I went to say just that. But I stopped. It’s not really what I wanted to express. Therefore I propose this update: “This is a thing that I need not…

Food in History by Raey Tannahil

Food in History

I picked it up by chance at Ron’s Bookshop in Hawker (I think) and at the time I didn’t know of Raey Tannahill’s standing in the literary world. Food in History is a very entertaining piece of non-fiction. It has the academic qualities of a textbook but there’s nothing stuffy about the writing at all….


The Hue Review

As often happens to me, I’m sitting around minding my own business and then POW! I own some more technology. The question this time is how much fun can you have with a lightbulb? The answer is more than you’d expect. I’ve always wanted to do something like this, as I’ve always thought (especially as…


WeMo switch and sensor

To further Operation Automation I picked up a Belkin WeMo switch and sensor. The idea was to tie it to the LED strip I’ve been using to light the top of my kitchen cupboards. The LED strip itself is a cheap effort from eBay, capable of doing very bright, mostly tacky colours. Without the motion…


PAX 2015

It feels strange that the Penny Arcade expo is on again. Plenty has changed in that time, plenty has stayed the same. My strategy this year is more oriented towards a blitzkreig. Taking the early Friday morning flight, I went straight to the MCEC. There’s something customary about lining up for the keynote and subsequent…

Against Me! at The Basement

Against Me!

A long time ago my brother suggested to me checking out a band called Against Me!. The band he was in, Never In Doubt, was a supporting act for them in 2004 in Canberra, at the now defunct Green Room. Last night, at The Basement, they were back. This time though, with a frontwoman and…


Tycho Live

I almost missed this one. I hadn’t been paying attention and was a few weeks late to the Awake party, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Tycho. I’ve described them as a “sort of an accessible, upbeat Boards of Canada” in the past, which is a fairly big call. But then I just get asked who…


Vice City Players dot Com

We’ve grown enough to warrant our own domain, so I’m happy to present This year we’re running a public event for the first time. It will be the ACT Pinball Championship to be held at the Big Boys Toys Expo in Canberra. Running August 22 to 24th, the expo will feature a wide range…

For posterity: Little Eli

Eli when he was a kitten.   Pretty cute really. Little chum!

paragon pinball

Vice City Players

There’s something about pinball I’ve always loved. It’s the lights and the sounds and the physicality of it that really sets it apart from video gaming. My first time playing a pinball machine was in primary school, when there was an Adams Family along with a few other arcade machines set up at the Jamison…

For posterity: Kingsley the King Parrot

I’m clearing out all the old videos from my iPad and archiving them on youtube. It’s going to be more stock footage than anything else.

Update required!

So there are almost a million things I need to post about but haven’t, yet. They include, but are not limited to, moving house, turning 30, publishing a book, being interviewed on the radio, seeing Tycho live and starting a new job. 2015! Chaos!

Cooking for Gamers

Cooking for Gamers: A Primer

Well, it had to happen at some stage. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been writing a cookbook and now I’m proud to say that it’s done. It took a lot longer than expected – maybe longer than it should have, some have suggested. Regardless, et fini. This is what the Silicone Valley…