Guild of Ambience – Grimwade House

Grimwade House is located along the northern edge of Lake Ashenmoor. While much of the manor has fallen into disrepair, the living quarters remain active as lodging during winter. Guests have reported seeing light emanating from vacant rooms and hearing strange whispers throughout the night.

Gloomhaven – 3D printed models

We knew it was going to be a hard slog when we started. For the price, you’d expect to get a lot of playtime out of Gloomhaven. And I can report this is indeed the case. When we’ve played D&D the campaigns have taken on a pretty free-wheeling kind of approach to manging the encounters….

Best In Class

After many months and a lot of glue, plaster, paint and foam, I finished my Shire diorama and entered it into Armies on Parade 2019. This was my third year participating and my goal was taking Best Scenic Board in the Specialist Games category. I did, so this makes it a hattrick. I also unintentionally…