For posterity: Little Eli

Eli when he was a kitten.   Pretty cute really. Little chum!

Vice City Players

There’s something about pinball I’ve always loved. It’s the lights and the sounds and the physicality of it that really sets it apart from video gaming. My first time playing a pinball machine was in primary school, when there was an Adams Family along with a few other arcade machines set up at the Jamison…

For posterity: Kingsley the King Parrot

I’m clearing out all the old videos from my iPad and archiving them on youtube. It’s going to be more stock footage than anything else.

Update required!

So there are almost a million things I need to post about but haven’t, yet. They include, but are not limited to, moving house, turning 30, publishing a book, being interviewed on the radio, seeing Tycho live and starting a new job. 2015! Chaos!