BuzzMoo’ Weekly Tweets for 2010-12-31

is taking the icecream maker for another spin. Tonight's flavour combo is Ferrero Rocher and Oreo on vanilla. We know no limits! #fb # wah wah wah, what's wrong with it? RT @furious_tfm Ew, twitter just forced me to change and the new version is gross! Ew! #NewTwitter # The night before #

BuzzMoo’ Weekly Tweets for 2010-12-17

@katinacurtis all i know is that the Ashes have knocked repeats of Antiques Roadshow off the 5pm timeslot and I'm not happy! #unaustralian # @elroyonline you did, but I didn't! I've blown so many things up already. So don't fret too much, I'll do enough damage for both of us! # declares it a perfect…


So today I received a very nice “better luck next year” letter in the mail, accompanied by a pretty certificate. According to it I was nominated for Australian of The Year 2011 by some mysterious supporter. Thanks, Batman!! This would have been for my work at CASE I assume. Well, maybe next year!

BuzzMoo’ Weekly Tweets for 2010-12-10

RT @LiamJM Unless your plane has WiFi, in which case only outer space is ur limit. @BeatrixTj: In social media, only the sky is your limit. # RT @piawaugh: Rudd just said on Sky News interview that Assange has the right to be presumed innocent and get consular support #cablegate # so the major game…

Audio Gourmet 2010 Top 10. #10 – Before I Go.

Over the past few years I think A State of Trance and Trance Around The World really got me into the ‘year mix thing’. Triple J’s hottest 100 still means something to me today. But only the disks before 1999. So what about ambient, experimental and ‘other’, the genre I listen to most? Well,  the…

flood factor 5. BuzzMoo displaced.

Well I guess it had to happen again at some point! In the face of torrential downpour there seems to be a structural weak-point in our house that lets a fair bit of water in. Luckily for the rest of the house the water comes solely into my my room! This happened many, many years…

BuzzMoo’ Weekly Tweets for 2010-12-03

Somewhere around the bend. # Most nights # Keeping time! # A painting by Ben # tentative first submission to political #fashion Abbot's tie today made me think 'easter eggs!'. But then I've never seen a tie I've liked! #