a good place for steamed pork buns

So very full…a good, relatively new place in Belconnen would be Princes Palace. All your yum cha needs are down by the lake, it seems. $20 all you can eat! NOM NOM NOM! View Larger Map

the things I do pt.2

We’re still having technical difficulties here at BuzzMoo.com it seems. I can’t quite work it out. Some deeplinking of files here doesn’t work right now (normally I don’t mind that, depending..) and I’m sure there are other gremlins rattling around in the system. Apologies in advance!

Tim Burton: The Exhibition

After my recent blog-deleting debacle I realised that there were a few recent posts that unfortunately bought the farm. One, in short, was me being excited about the Tim Burton exhibition currently running in Melbourne. We’ve got a sweet spot in the city and plan to make the most of it. Excellent!