Kristian Risti on MySpace

Nuts to garageband recordings on a dictaphone. Rent a studio and blast pop rock from Melbourne, Australia. Kristian has got a bunch of new recordings out, published on his MySpace page. You’d better go and check it out!

Avril 14th remake

A great upbeat remake of one of Aphex Twin’s best. Almost one of the saddest songs of all times – but that might just be the Salad Fingers connection.

The Sixty One

I keep coming back to this site: I’ve decided that it’s a great site for music. How’s that? The web based music player is the best I’ve used. It’s a persistent banner at the top of the page that you can’t interrupt by surfing around the site ¬†that includes handy functions like download, save…

[CSU] gets a server

Our Day of Defeat clan has ended up with a shiny new 24 slot server. If you’re a Day of Defeat player (let’s face it, you’re probbaly not) grab some ammo and connect to Would you like to know more?