You all remember DotComGuy? The guy who changed his name to DotComGuy because he was a Guy witha DotCom and alot of webcams? Yeah, i thought so. Well, he’s nothing compared to this Guy, Paul Mathis infact, who has webcams hooked to plenty of electricals in his house. The real kick is that you can turn them on and off from his website! Impressive? Yes, yes it is.

Now, i’d planned to do the same thing a while back but due to lack of any skill whatsoever the project was promptly capped. Too bad really, i could do with someone turning my fairy lights on and off..and on and off….and on and off…..while i slept. Or didn’t…now if you’ll excuse me i have a Plasma ball to turn on and off…and on and off…..and on and off…..

Oh yes, the unsolicited posting of Mert’s ICQ number wasn’t me. But i figured we needed some more decoration along the side and his number sure is pretty!